Class Locksmiths has an equal employment – anti-discrimination policy and supporting procedures in place. These adhere to the Australian Government’s national and state laws.
Our policy and procedures are designed to create and maintain a workplace free from discrimination and harassment, which we believe creates a motivated, happy workplace—one in which we can all be productive and efficient. Class Locksmiths understands our rights and responsibilities under law. We also ensure our employees understand their rights and responsibilities. We achieve this through:
  • recruitment and selection of staff
  • terms, conditions and benefits offered as part of employment
  • induction of new staff
  • ongoing training and development (including refresher sessions on topics such as anti-discrimination)
  • ongoing counselling and coaching (if required)
  • providing all managers and staff with a copy of our policy and procedures
  • guiding managers and staff on where they can obtain more information, including through links to online information such as that available through the Australian Human Rights Commission and Fair Work Ombudsman.
Our related policy and procedures cover these types of topics:
  • age discrimination
  • disability discrimination
  • race discrimination
  • sex discrimination
  • workplace bullying
  • how to raise an equal employment opportunity or anti-discrimination issue at Class Locksmiths—protocols and steps to follow.
Our procedures are specific and include behaviours we do not, accept at Class Locksmiths. Examples:
  1. telling insulting jokes about particular racial groups
  2. sending explicit or sexually suggestive emails
  3. displaying offensive or pornographic posters or screen savers
  4. making derogatory comments or taunts about someone’s race or religion
  5. asking intrusive questions about someone’s personal life, including their sex life.