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How secure is your home? Take our 6 point security check

Protect your family and valuables with our FREE 6 POINT SECURITY CHECK.

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1.Secure Your Doors

Installing DEADLOCKS on all exterior doors helps to secure your home in two ways. Firstly, they can help reduce the ability of a thief forcing the door open to gain entry. Secondly, if a thief has broken into your home through a window they are unable to exit through your doors because they are deadlocked and have to go back out through a window. If someone is seen walking out of your front door with your TV it doesn’t look as suspicious as having to pass it out your window.

2.Secure Your Windows

Protect your windows with good quality WINDOW LOCKS. There are many different styles of window locks available to suit the majority of window styles. New homes are often fitted with lockable window locks but they are made from plastic. It is a good idea to fit a more robust style of window lock to help prevent break-ins by forcing these windows.

3.Secure Your Spare Key

Instead of hiding your spare key in the letterbox or under the door mat install a good quality KEY GARAGE to store your spare key. The Key Garage (or Spare Key Lock Box) can be securely attached to an external wall and it’s combination lock provides security and easy access in those times when you need it.

4.Change Your Locks Immediately

  • Just moved into a new house?
  • One of the kids has lost a key somewhere?
  • Can’t find that spare key that was outside under the rock?
  • Had a bag stolen from the car?

Who knows how many keys have been cut by the previous tenant/owner and who has a copy? By having your locks RE-KEYED you can be sure that you are the only person to have the keys to your house. You may also be able to have your locks all keyed alike at the same time to make your life easier.

5.Lock Your Gates

Most break-ins occur at the rear of the house where thieves can not be seen from the street. Locking your gate can be one of the most effective methods of protecting your home and property but it is often the most over looked. By installing a quality GATE LOCK you are able to lock or unlock your gate from either side and control who enters your backyard.

6.Secure Your Valuables

By installing a HOME SAFE you can keep your irreplaceable memories and valuables safe. It is important to secure your safe to the ground to avoid the safe being carried away by any prospective thief. There are many types of safes to choose from. Some offer security as well as fire protection for documents while others offer security without the fire protection. We recommend that before buying your safe you consider what it is that you want to keep in it as well as the level of protection you might need.

*If you would like to discuss your security needs with one of our Locksmiths or book a free 6 point security check please call 6280 6611 or visit our showroom to see any of the many locks and safes that we have on display.

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