Master Key Systems

CLASS specialises in Government and commercial restricted master key systems – electronic and mechanical. We provide expert consultation, design, construction, installation & maintenance.

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A Master Key System comprises of a hierarchy of keys and a number of cylinders / locks that allow different groups or individual key holders to gain access to all or specifically designated areas of a building or buildings.
Put simply, a master keyed lock is a lock that is designed to be opened by a specific individual key or keys, and can also be opened by using a master key.

Our systems are expertly designed and maintained for maximum integrity and to provide for future expansion.

Restricted Key Systems

Our Restricted Master Key systems are designed to give the system owner the highest level of protection against unauthorised access and key duplication. The systems we sell use patents and design registrations to stop unlawful production of the key blanks and ensure strict authorisation procedures in the cutting of these keys.


Master Key Systems – Forms

The owner of a key system is required to provide, and maintain on-going, the contact details and sample signatures of the people that are registered as the “Authorised Signatories” able to request restricted keys and cylinders. CLASS Locksmiths will provide the system owner with the initial “Authorised Signatories” form to be completed and returned. On-going maintenance of ownership and authorised signatories is provided via the following forms which can be downloaded from our web site, completed, and returned via email or post.

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