Master Key Systems

A Master Key System comprises of a hierarchy of keys and a number of cylinders / locks that allow different groups or individual key holders to gain access to all or specifically designated areas of a building or buildings.
Put simply, a master keyed lock is a lock that is designed to be opened by a specific individual key or keys, and can also be opened by using a master sytem key.

Master Key Systems play a critical role in the area of physical security. They are used to control access to perimeters, entire buildings, and specified spaces within a building (e.g. floors, offices, storerooms, cupboards, stairwells, etc).

Our keying systems are expertly designed and maintained for maximum integrity and to provide for future expansion.

Master Keying Specialists

CLASS Locksmiths Canberra are the Master Keying specialists.

We provide expert consultation, design, construction, installation & maintenance.

CLASS has a team of highly trained and experienced specialists who will help you:

  • select the most appropriate master key system solution
  • develop and implement the secure master key solution to provide maximum integrity of access  and future expansion capability
  • develop and implement key control policies and processes to safeguard the life, property, and security of people and assets

Some of our key system solutions also prevent and detect unauthorised access to facilities and other assets.

Demonstrated experience and capability

CLASS Locksmiths is at the forefront of computer-designed Master Key Systems and has designed, installed, and maintained thousands of key systems.

Track record

As our successful track record proves, we excel in:

  • developing, implementing and supporting large complex systems
  • in-built flexibility of design to cater for lifecycle changes and growth
  • best practice key management systems and policies to safeguard the life, property, and security of people and assets.


Our Key Performance Indicators track all our key system projects to ensure:

  • they are delivered on time
  • within budget
  • with no customer complaints
  • and no WHSE incidents (Work Health Safety and Environment).

Maximum Key System Data Security

We manage the ongoing maintenance of the vast majority of the key systems. This includes storing all data records associated with the system. These records include:

  • key system initial design documentation
  • key system changes
  • users authorised to request keys and cylinders
  • Key and Cylinder requests.

All data records associated with your system are stored in a highly protected physical and cyber environment with no connection to the internet. This provides maximum data security and prevents internet hacking of the data.

(We have also designed and implemented systems for a few very large client organisations that manage the maintenance and system data records themselves).

Superior Key System Capability

We bring added value in the actual design of the key system to ensure:

  • integrity of the system
  • flexibility for ease of maintenance and future expansion.

We use state-of-the-art computer systems (such as Pro Master) to manage the authorisation of key requests and the ongoing management of key systems to ensure 100% ongoing system integrity.

Our policies on Research and Development, Formalised Staff Development Reviews and Plans, and Apprenticeships ensure we are continually enhancing our capability, staying abreast of technology, constantly upgrading our skills, and training the next generation of locksmiths.

We are committed to quality and continuous improvement of our methodologies, systems, and processes to manage risk and eliminate defects; as is evidenced by meeting our quality KPI goals.

Our project managers and staff have extensive experience with large multi-faceted projects.

Our Project Management Methodology ensures that the critical elements of scope, risk, design, development, and installation are successfully managed to achieve the aims and objectives of the project including a quality goal of zero defects.

Experienced and highly qualified team

Our Master Key Locksmiths are specialists in their own rights and backed by years of experience in the industry and at CLASS Locksmiths. We have a low turnover of staff which means our team is tightly knit and intimately familiar with our policies, processes, systems and procedures, and customer relations requirements.

Our team includes:

  • Master Locksmiths
  • Key Systems Specialists
  • Security Consultants
  • Expert Safe Specialists
  • SCEC approved locksmiths (Australian Government – Security Construction and Equipment Committee)
  • Experts in project management, service delivery, and high quality master key systems

Best practice, industry capability

CLASS Locksmiths are authorised agents for a large number of key systems including the following high security systems:

  • EVVA 4KS – maximum security – SCEC approved
  • Australian Lock Company – BiLock Exclusive – SCEC approved
  • Assa Abloy Protec/Cliq including Protec 2 – SCEC approved
  • EKA – Cyberlock – SCEC approved
  • Master Locksmiths – ML20

We continually invest in our capability and the future through:

  • Ongoing training and development of our staff
  • Indenturing new locksmith apprentices each year
  • Upgrading our technologies, plant and equipment, processes, and procedures
  • Fostering a company culture of committed customer care and service

Restricted Key Systems

Our Restricted Master Key systems are designed to give the system owner the highest level of protection against unauthorised access and key duplication. The systems we sell use patents and design registrations to stop unlawful production of the key blanks and ensure strict authorisation procedures in the cutting of these keys.

CLASS specialises in government and commercial restricted master key systems – electronic and mechanical.


CLASS Locksmiths are members of the Master Locksmiths Association and as such can supply Master Locksmith Access Keys (MLAK). This is a key, restricted to eligible people, which provides access to a variety of public facilities such as toilets, changing rooms, …

Eligibility is restricted to people who have a disability or written authority from a doctor, disability organisation, community health centre, or the owner/management of a building with an accessible toilet on site.

Master Key Systems – Forms

The owner of a key system is required to provide, and maintain on-going, the contact details and sample signatures of the people that are registered as the “Authorised Signatories” able to request restricted keys and cylinders. See our Master Key Locksmith Services for details.

Call us on 02 6280 6611 or drop into our premises in Fyshwick and our experts will be able to advise on all your master key system requirements and enquiries.