Master Key Locksmith Services

CLASS Locksmiths provide expert qualified Master Key Locksmith Services. We advise, design, implement, and maintain key systems – in fact we have developed many thousands of key systems.

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Master Keying Services

Our Key Systems are designed, built, and maintained in our workshop at 51 Kembla Street Fyshwick ACT 2609.

Designing your Key System

When designing your master key system, we work with you to determine the most appropriate system to meet your needs and budget. Then we carry out a rigorous checking of your exact requirements culminating in an agreed design, which provides maximum integrity and flexibility for future expansion. This design is then signed off by you – the client.

Ordering master keys and cylinders

The next step is to order any materials required. While we keep a large inventory of master keys and cylinders, the size and type of the system may require additional parts.

Building the key system

The building of the system comprises cutting the keys and pinning the various cylinders so that only the designated key(s) will open the appropriate lock(s).

Quality Control – Testing keys in locks

Once the system is built, it undergoes rigorous quality control testing and checking. It is then labelled and carefully and securely packed.

Installation of key system by CLASS Locksmiths

If the system is being installed by CLASS Locksmiths, we schedule the installation for the agreed dates and times. At installation we install the cylinders in the locks and check that the locks are functioning correctly. The keys are then signed over and the System Registration Form is provided to register authorised signatories for ordering addition locks and keys.

Handover of key system when not being installed by us

If we are not carrying out the installation, then we advise that the system is ready to be handed over. Usually you would sign for the system and take delivery of the system at our front counter. The System Registration Form is then provided to register authorised signatories for ordering addition locks and keys.

Master Key Systems – Forms

The owner of a key system is required to provide, and maintain on-going, the contact details and sample signatures of the people that are registered as the “Authorised Signatories” able to request restricted keys and cylinders. CLASS Locksmiths will provide the system owner with the initial “Authorised Signatories” form to be completed and returned. On-going maintenance of ownership and authorised signatories is provided via the following forms which can be downloaded from our web site, completed, and returned via email or post.

Additional master keys and cylinders

Additional keys and cylinders can be picked up at our Shop/Showroom/Workshops at 51 Kembla Street Fyshwick ACT 2609 or arrangements can be made to have them delivered.

Call us on 02 6280 6611 for more details.