What type of front door lock is best?

Depicts a variety of new technology Smartlocks

What type of front door lock is best?

The question really is “what type of front door lock is best suited to my needs and including the type of building and the condition and material of my front door”?

Consider your needs in terms of security, safety, style, and convenience. For example, there are National Building and Construction standards and regulations that govern requirements such as fire safety. And the type of front door material and construction is important. This may determine the type of solution to provide adequate security.

Solutions these days still include the traditional key locks (mortice locks, deadlocks, etc).

Variety of traditional locks

However new technology keyless smartlocks can provide additional convenience features. Some are simply keypads. But contemporary versions work via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. And utilize a smartphone app, a paired key-fob, or even a fingerprint.

Smartlock – Smartphone and cloud

The best options for your situation will depend on:

  • the type of building (apartment or house)
  • the nature of your front door
  • your personal requirements around security, safety, style, and convenience

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