Transponder Electronic Car Keys Purchased Online

Holden VE Commodore Key

Transponder Electronic Car Keys Purchased Online

Not all keys are the same

We have found that there are some very poor quality aftermarket car keys that can be purchased online these days. While we will always endeavour to help our customers with their security and locksmithing needs there are times when we may not be able to assist with some requests to cut and program after market car keys.

Genuine vs Aftermarket

CLASS advises our customers to use either genuine manufacturer key blanks and remotes or one of our tried and tested high quality aftermarket products. We understand the reasons in looking for a cheaper alternative for your replacement key as some of the genuine keys can be quite expensive for some makes and models. The temptation to purchase a much cheaper key may not always pay off as some are not made from quality materials or are outside acceptable size tolerances to do the job correctly without damaging your vehicle or operate correctly when used.

Programming Keys & Remotes

Modern cars are very complex and use sensitive technology to secure your vehicle. There are many inferior copies and incorrect chip types of this technology available online that may cause damage if an attempt is made to program these into a vehicle. We may be able to program your key or remote once we can confirm the part is correct and or genuine for your vehicle make and model. We would be happy to have a look at your purchased key or remote to assess whether it is possible to safely program. Some makes and models can only be programmed by the dealer.

Can We Help?

If you do require cutting or programming of your aftermarket key or remote that has been purchased online drop into our workshop in Fyshwick and we will make an assessment to see if it is the correct type, tolerance and quality of material for us to cut or program. Any items supplied that are genuine manufacturer parts or aftermarket that we find to be of a quality standard we would be happy to cut or program for you.

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