Access Control System

Eplex Access Control

Eplex Access Control System

Access Control System

for small business and the home:

The Challenge

Many small businesses and clubs (e.g. gyms, tennis clubs) require easy but secure access for their members. In many cases an access control system provides the required functionality but introduces the complexity of managing the system ongoing. And the cost of computer hardware and software often puts this solution beyond reach.

Similarly for some home owners who require easy but secure access for designated personnel (family members, cleaners, etc).

The Solution

CLASS Locksmiths has introduced an access control option which reduces the cost of the system and the complexity of ongoing maintenance. This “CLASS managed access control”:

  • reduces the cost of the system by eliminating the need for the system owner to purchase the necessary computer hardware and software required to program and maintain the system
  • eliminates the need for the owner to develop the computer knowledge and skills to maintain the system ongoing.

CLASS Locksmiths will maintain the system on behalf of the system owner with safeguards to limit maintenance requests to authorised personnel.

The system maintenance can always be transferred to the system owner when and if it expands sufficiently to warrant self management or if the system owner just wishes to assume self management.

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