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CLASS Locksmiths Low Risk Driving initiative was kicked off with a workshop conducted by NRMA. The workshop was mandatory for all locksmiths driving company vehicles but also open to all other staff. The main aims of the workshop were to:

  • refresh our staff with the various Road Safety challenges
  • and equip them with strategies to better deal with these challenges
  • in pursuit of the goal of zero road safety incidents each year.


Safety is a priority at CLASS Locksmiths for:

  • our mobile locksmiths that spend considerable time driving to and from customer sites
  • all CLASS Locksmiths staff
  • the CLASS Locksmiths’ customers
  • and the general community here in the ACT.

Low Risk Driving Initiative


The purpose of our CLASS Locksmiths Low Risk Driving initiative is:

  • To have our staff recognise their personal contribution to overall road safety goals
  • Develop their understanding of the philosophy behind low risk driving techniques
  • Instill new values, attitudes and thought processes that contribute to safer driving
  • In pursuit of zero road safety incidents each year


In particular, our CLASS Locksmiths Low Risk Driving initiative focuses on the following:

  • Recognise and apply low risk driving strategies
  • Create and maintain crash avoidance space to avoid the five main crash types – rear end, side on,
  • The human factors relating to crashes
  • intersections, off-path straight and off-path curve
  • “Buffer” away from hazards
  • Recognise risk taking motivations – what is the gain?
  • Establish safe acceleration and braking distances
  • Apply hazard perception and risk awareness techniques
  • Perform basic vehicle checks
  • Understand occupant safety
  • Learn how ABS breaking works
  • Common misunderstood road rules
  • Green driving
  • Fatigue management
  • Thinking styles; staying motivated to drive in a low risk manner


So that we achieve the goal of zero road safety incidents each year.


CLASS Locksmiths highly recommends this NRMA workshop and attributes the success and benefits to the highly proficient specialist who facilitated the workshop.

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