Ford Ignition Switch Replacement

Replace Ford Ignition Switch

Ford Ignition Switch Replacement

Ford ignition switch problems with the following models:

Ford BA Falcon

Ford BF Falcon

Ford SX Territory

Ford SY Territory

The Problem

Common problems occur when the Ford ignition switch becomes worn and in many cases falls apart. This can prevent the car from starting or turning off or requires holding the key in the on position to allow the car to run.

CLASS Locksmiths’ Solution

We have a cost effective solution which can save you considerable down time and many hundreds of dollars.

We come to you anywhere in Canberra and the surrounding region and replace the faulty parts with a custom-made, high quality switch housing ( that has been installed on hundreds of problematic fords over the last 5 years without any reports of failure.

Other Solutions

(a) Replace the Complete Steering Column.

In many cases these are taken to a mechanic or auto electrician and the customer is advised they will need to replace the complete steering column with either a genuine column (with a cost of $1500 – $2000) or a second hand column  (with a cost of $600 – $1000). This will usually include the inconvenience of your car being off the road for the time they take to get the part as well as the repair time. This can easily add up to a day and sometimes up to a week or longer.

(b) Repair Existing Switch Housing.

There are also other repairers who will repair your existing ignition switch housing which may prolong the life of your ignition switch for a while by gluing parts back together, using screw to hold parts together or by drilling into your column and filling holes with knead it.

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