Keeler Hardware Keys

Need Keeler Hardware Keys?

Do you have a restricted key system that was managed by Keeler Hardware ACT (in Liquidation)?

CLASS Locksmiths has acquired the Keeler Hardware ACT key systems and can now help you by providing ongoing service for these key systems and Keeler Hardware keys.

To start the process, contact CLASS Locksmiths with the following information:

  • Keeler Hardware Key System number (stamped on every system key)
  • Registered owner (name of the organisation that Keeler Hardware had on its records)
  • The system installation address

Please contact CLASS Locksmiths by:

telephone: (02) 6280 6611


fax: (02) 6239 1189.

CLASS Locksmiths has been at the forefront of computer designed Master Key Systems for decades and has a highly trained team of key system experts.

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CLASS Locksmiths aims to make servicing and maintaining your Key System as easy as possible while ensuring the integrity of your system. Forms can be downloaded from our web site to facilitate easy adn secure:



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