Key System
Canberra Airport

key system by CLASS Locksmiths

Key System

Canberra Airport

CLASS Locksmiths supplied the key system for Canberra International Airport. This large complex system demonstrates the flexibility built into our system design which has allowed the system to expand over time to include:

  • Brindabella Business Park
  • Majura Precinct
  • Fairbairn Precinct
  • New Terminal & Car Park

This system encompassed approximately 5,000 cylinders nd 4,000 keys securing 40 buildings. We designed a large and flexible system to cater for staged imlementation and the many levels of access required for a system subject to high regulatory audit. We also supplied the end user key management system and the implementation and improvement of in-house processes to ensure audit compliance.

We have the knowledge, skills and experience to provide physical security solutions for new construction, fitout, and refurbishment projects – be it an airport, office building, apartment block, factory, warehouse, shopping centre, commercial complex, data centre etc.

We are agents for a large number of keying platforms and can provide a solution to suit your required level of security and your budget.

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