Protect your home and possessions

Protect your home and possessions

Protect your home and possessions from burglars and thieves by installing good quality locks on your doors and windows. This makes it harder for a burglar looking for an easy opportunity. It makes it hard for them to enter and forces them to leave the way they came. And this minimises the items they can steal as it is difficult to leave with large or bulky items.

Also install motion sensor operated outdoor lighting which is often enough to startle a would be burglar and cause them to move on.

Six easy steps to secure your home


Install double cylinder deadlocks or deadlatches on all exterior doors.

Use three-point deadlocking locks on all security screen doors.


Install key operated window locks on all windows.

Spare Key

Do not leave a spare key under the mat, a flower pot, or anywhere handy to the front door where even an “amateur” burglar would easily find it.

Re-key your Locks

Have the locks or cylinders changed when you move house or when keys are lost.

Gates & Letterboxes

Use padlocks on gates, sheds, and letterboxes. Also ensure your garage is appropriately secured.


Take photos of your valuable possesions and keep them in a good quality safe along with your important documents.

Take advantage of our free Six point Security Check

Contact us to arrange an appointment for our free 6 point security check. We will survey your home and provide recommendations if required to improve the security of your home and possessions – absolutely free of charge and obligation free.

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