Rekey locks

Rekey locks

Rekey locks (or change locks) if you have lost keys, had keys stolen, or can’t account for all your keys. This process involves us changing the internals (cylinder pins) of your locks so they no longer work with the previos keys; and we cut and provide you with new keys to work your locks.

When to rekey locks?

Whenever keys are unaccounted for – you should change locks (have your locks re-keyed):
  • Just moved house?
  • One of the kids lost a key somewhere?
  • Can’t find that spare key that was outside under the rock?
  • Had you bag stolen from the car?
Who knows how many keys have been cut by the previous tenant/owner and who has a copy? By having your locks RE-KEYED you can be sure that you are the only person to have the keys to your house. You may also be able to have your locks all keyed alike at the same time to make your life easier. If you have lost your keys or no longer want the existing keys to work in your locks we are able to come out to you and change (re-key) your locks and provide you with new keys. Where you have more than one lock we may be able to key your locks alike to enable the convenience of only carrying the one key for all of your locks. We are able to fit keys to a wide variety of locks to suit any purpose.

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