Safe travels begin at home

Safe travels begin at home – visit our 6 point security checklist. Visiting family and friends over the Christmas and holiday season is a great way to spend your time. Make sure your fond memories don’t evaporate when you return home and find out you’ve been burgled. CLASS Locksmiths recommend the following security tips to prevent break-ins: Be wary of social media: Posting status updates about your current whereabouts and disclosing that your home is sitting empty elevates the risk of break-ins. Wait until you get home to upload your holiday pics. Lock your doors: It might surprise most homeowners to know that many burglaries occur simply by walking through an unlocked front door. Have a trusted neighbour check in: Whether to clear out your mailbox or water your plants it is helpful to have someone checking in on your property. Although the hide-a-key approach to give neighbours access may seem beneficial, it should be avoided. Most criminals know about the best hiding spots: Under the mat, in the mailbox, top of door frame, etc. Call us on 6280 6611 to discuss options such as key garage or access control options. Hide your valuables: If you have a safe, great. But if not, keep items such as laptops, expensive cameras, stereos and other equipment away from all windows. Tuck them away in locations that can’t be seen from the outside. Set an electronic timer for lights: This keeps up regular lighting patterns as opposed to just having one porch or living room light on at all times – a dead giveaway. You can also set timers for some radio and television sets to simulate normal use and noise. Take our 6 point security check: We also provide a free 6 point security check on your premises free of charge for your peace of mind >
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